Within every cell of our bodies we carry an „imprint” (called Limbic Imprint) that begins to establish before we are born. If our emotional body is overwhelmed during this formative period, then a lifetime of ineffective coping strategies and behavioural patterns will ensue. The Birth Into Being Method directly addresses this by transforming our Limbic Imprint, thus allowing us to access the intelligence of nature’s creative Power. It is a highly transformative method to connect with our inner shelf and wisdom.
Birth Into Being is a unique method of self-development that enables us to alter the unwanted and limiting side-effects of stressful or even tragic events we’ve all experienced during our lives. Since these events have been ‚stored’ in our nervous system on a cellular level, they affect how we think, feel and act today. They also influence our health and how our body responds to our environment, especially under pressure.

Birth Into Being is a system of principles and techniques that helps us deepen our understanding of our reality. It opens us up to new dimensions and new possibilities, which we were not able to see before.
The Birth Into Being Method allows you to:
• Strengthen your sense of belonging and well-being
• Deepen connection with your Higher Self, other people, and the Source of Life
• Gain new reference points in your nervous system for greater ability of intimacy and creativity
• Fearlessly birth a new project, new baby, and/or new You!
• This safe and effective Method brilliantly interweaves epigenetics and neuroplasticity with the richness of storytelling, visualization, breath-work, role-play, gentle touch and movement.